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Agile Marketing Examples & Case Studies

Need some proof of concept or a push in the right direction? Check out our ever-expanding collection of Agile marketing case studies. Featuring examples from diverse industries and team sizes.

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agile manifesto explanation

Agile Marketing Manifesto Explained

A detailed walkthrough of the Agile values and principles that make up the Agile marketing manifesto and form the foundation of all great Agile teams.

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agile marketing estimation discussion

Tales from the Trenches: Agile Marketing Estimation

In this installment of Agile Marketing Tales From the Trenches, Anthony Coppedge and Dechay Watts return to walk us through exactly how their teams handle estimating task sizes. Dechay’s team […]

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agile marketing guinea pig

Individual Agile Marketers, or, That Time I Became an Agile Guinea Pig

UPDATE #2: The Agile Guinea Pig project got such a good response that I’ll be opening up the experiment to the community at large! Join the Scrum of One Beta […]

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agile marketing roundtable

Agile Marketing Roundtable: Real Marketers Share Their Stories

In the first of what I hope will be many amazing agile marketing discussions, in October we gathered together four agile marketing practitioners and asked them to share their stories. This […]

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should you use kanban in marketing

Should You Kanban?

Is Kanban right for your marketing team? If you’re new to Agile Marketing, and/or unfamiliar with the Kanban methodology it can be hard to know. Fortunately, we’ve put together this […]

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agile content marketing presentation

Agile Content Marketing: Twice the Content, Half the Time

Are you struggling to find time to create content that actually connects with your audience? In this presentation from Digital Summit D.C. I explore how we can produce more content […]

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cross functional agile marketing team

Creating Your Very Own Cross-Functional Agile Marketing Team

More and more marketing teams are coming around to the idea that an agile approach offers both a competitive advantage and a better day in the life of the average […]

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interruptions and agile marketing

Interrupt-Driven Agile Marketing

For those already on the journey of Agile Marketing,  we’ve all likely seen our original dream of uninterrupted Sprint bliss evaporate in the face of the blistering pragmatism of content […]

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