Agile Marketing Coaching and Consulting



Sometimes a journey calls for long-term guidance, and AgileSherpas is here to help. Our extended coaching and consulting options allow you to retain an Agile Sherpa to help you navigate the first 6-18 months of your ascent towards marketing agility.

This is a custom engagement that may include:

  • Attendance at ceremonies, modeling Agile mindset and behaviors, facilitating and coaching as needed
  • Train the trainer sessions to create internal advocates/facilitators
  • Shadowing team members and/or leaders and advising on areas for improvement
  • Suggestions for process and practice alterations based on emerging struggles
  • Formal evaluations of team and/or organization’s Agility and suggesting areas for enhancing their practice.

Our coaches aren’t your usual Agile experts. They understand both Agility and marketing, so you can be sure they’ll get the challenges your teams are facing and be ready with tried-and-true solutions.

Ongoing Agile coaching is a long-term relationship, so it’s important that we match you with the right person. Our coaches are in high demand, so please contact us to discuss options and availability.

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“Andrea’s clear and focused approach to quickly assessing and tackling our issues and concerns has helped us improve how we work in agile, and has helped improve our morale and confidence along the way.”

— Nancy Biamonte
Director, Acquisition and Engagement Marketing
Alberta Motor Association