Get fresh insights into your Agile transformation at  Business Agility Lab

How do I take my transformation beyond a single Agile pilot team?

How can I help my organizational partners (ex. legal, sales or human resources etc.) go Agile?

How do I prove to my leadership that Agile ways of working are worth scaling?

Get answers to all of these questions and more at a business agility lab session with one of our most tenured Sherpas.

Business Agility is
the 21st Century's
Most Important Trend

From scrappy startups to enterprise behemoths, agility is the only way to handle growing levels of complexity in the world around us while also innovating at the speed of customer expectations. 

As the famous Agile thinker Steve Denning has said, Agile is eating the world

It’s vital for anyone who wants to live in that world to understand what business agility means in both theory and practice, and how its feeding frenzy is going to affect their professional journey. Join a business agility lab session to learn how you can parse this unstoppable evolution, as well as start integrating it into your working life and get ahead of the curve. 

Why Join?

 Anyone can book a Business Agility Lab in order to:

  1. Get 1-1 time with an experienced Sherpa who can help guide you on the path to ultimate agility

  2. Brainstorm with an expert who has scaled Agile in enterprises across a wide variety of industries

  3. Workshop a challenging topic your team or organization is dealing with alongside an expert Agilist

Make the best use of your session by sending additional materials to  ahead of your session. 

We joined a business lab session last month and it was the catalyst we needed to continue scaling agility to the adjacent teams we interact with. We charted a path and worked through some of the challenges so we could keep our momentum.

Book Your Business Agility Lab Session

No need to be a paying AgileSherpas customer; the Business Agility Lab is open to all Agile practitioners and enthusiasts. Whether you have one quick question, need a second set of eyes on your transformation roadmap, or want feedback on a virtual board, our team of Sherpas is here for you.

Book your 30 min Business Agility Lab session today to get matched with a Sherpa. They will reach out to you to coordinate a time for the session.

Any/all information shared in the Lab sessions will be kept strictly private and confidential. Your assigned Sherpa will let you know if a follow-up session might be beneficial.