Get fresh insights into your Agile transformation at AgileSherpas’ Business Agility Lab

Does business agility sound great but you have no idea where to start? 

Do you have a few Agile teams but are struggling to truly scale? 

Have you optimized your processes as much as you can but feel constrained by your organization's culture or structure? 

your business
agility challenge,
we can help! 

Even the most experienced mountaineers sometimes get lost but our Sherpas are here to guide you back to the right path. 

No need to be a paying AgileSherpas customer; the Business Agility Lab is open to all Agile practitioners and enthusiasts. Whether you have one quick question, need a second set of eyes on your transformation roadmap, or want feedback on a virtual board, our team of Sherpas is here for you.

How It Works

Every last Wednesday of the month, one of our senior Sherpas will be available for three (3) 30-minute sessions in the Business Agility Lab. These sessions must be reserved in advance so your Sherpa can have time to prepare. They’ll then come ready to review your materials, provide necessary feedback, collaborate on a virtual board, or whatever else it takes to help you address your most pressing business agility challenges. 

Anyone can book a Business Agility Lab session as long as:

  1. You book at least 48 hours in advance.

  2. You complete the detailed form below to provide enough background of the challenge you’re looking to solve, well ahead of the selected Lab date and time. (Please note that we’re willing to execute your NDA or ours ahead of the call, if so indicated in the form below.)

  3. You send as much information as you feel is warranted via email to, so that our Sherpas can come prepared to best maximize everyone’s time together in the Lab.

Book Your Business Agility Lab Session

Any/all information shared in the Lab sessions will be kept strictly private and confidential. Your assigned Sherpa will let you know if a follow-up session might be beneficial.