Agile Marketing in Health & Life Sciences

A case study about Agile marketing in the health and life sciences sector

Charles River has supported the development of over 80% of all of the drugs approved by the FDA for the past three years. Founded in 1947, Charles River now has more than 100 facilities in 20 countries worldwide and a reputation for timeliness and accuracy in every stage of the drug development process. 

Explore Charles River's Agile marketing transformation story through the first hand account of Darci Helbling, Executive Director of Global Marketing Operations.

The health and life sciences industry is known for its heavy regulations, lengthy processes, and strictly specialized marketing themes. To many, these are the exact characteristics that make this space seem incompatible with Agile. 

But for some of the biggest pharmaceutical marketing organizations, these aren’t barriers to agility as all. 

Instead of reasons to delay a process change, forward-thinking marketing leaders use their need to adjust to changing customer demands, shifting market conditions, and continually high expectations for quality and frequent value delivery as triggers. 

As more marketing leaders recognize the need to evolve, Agile ways of working are on the rise. 

Within the last year, AgileSherpas had the opportunity to work closely with one such high-growth organization operating on the biotech and pharmaceutical front: Charles River Laboratories. 

Through a methodical approach to adopting Agile inside their marketing department, Charles River is on the path to proving that while Agile was created to replace traditional Waterfall methods in software development, it’s just as applicable for business units inside pharmaceutical companies that want to succeed.

Let’s take a look at how the entire marketing department at Charles River streamlined internal processes for greater efficiency through Agile, to consistently exceed customer expectations and stay top of their market with the support of AgileSherpas.

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