Agile Marketing Fundamentals

Designed by the world's leading experts in Agile marketing, this interactive, top-rated certification program provides everything you need to start down the path to real marketing agility.

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  • Effective planning in Agile Marketing
  • Practice with popular Agile frameworks for marketing teams such as Kanban, Scrum, and Scrumban
  • Team dynamics and structures in an Agile world
  • First steps to making Agile marketing a reality in your organization
Is This the Right Course for You

Is This the Right Course for You?

Agile Marketing Fundamentals is a course designed for marketers both junior and senior who:

  • Are looking to develop a strong understanding of Agile theory as well as practice in the marketing context
  • Are or will be participating in an Agile marketing team
  • Enjoy hands-on learning and developing new skills to advance their careers in marketing
The Pioneering Agile Marketing Certification-1

The Pioneering Agile Marketing Certification

Agile Marketing Fundamentals by AgileSherpas was the first course ever created to teach marketers the Agile ways of managing work. Apply now, and follow in the footsteps of over 3,000 marketing professionals.
Choose Your Preferred Method of Studying

Choose Your Preferred Method of Study

Study by yourself or with your team. Individuals can join a public cohort of marketing peers, teams have the opportunity to learn together in a private cohort. Learn more About Private Cohorts
Practice Outweights Theory

Practice Outweighs

What sets this program apart is the focus around practical, real-time application of marketing agility. Education is important, but transformation happens during day-to-day work.

Everything in this program (content, tools, coaching, and more) has been thoroughly tested and refined through working with thousands of marketers across dozens of organizations.

"Having had no knowledge of Agile Marketing prior to taking this course I now feel like I have a good understanding of the concepts and how to put them into practice. The course content, even though done virtually, was engaging and informative. I'm excited to see the way my marketing team transforms as we move to an Agile way of working. Highly recommend!"

Alyssa Love

Senior Manager, Content Marketing Rogers Communications

"The Agile Fundamentals course by AgileSherpas helped shape and consolidate a number of Agile marketing concepts in practical ways I have already started to translate to my role and organization. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course to both marketing professionals and organisations looking to embark on an agile transformation journey."

Pedro Cordero

Digital Acquisitions Manager HSBC

"98% of the content I can find online about agile marketing is 101 level only. I basically see the same stuff over and over and over. AgileSherpas content digs deeper and gets way more specific, and it's all from the marketing perspective. Any marketers who are serious about agility need to dive into this stuff ASAP."

Johnathan Sexton

Senior Manager and Partner Boldsquare Group

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