Agile Marketing Leadership

Designed by the world's leading experts in Agile marketing, this cutting-edge certification program equips you with the competencies and capabilities to become an effective Agile leader for your team or organization.

Topics Covered

  • Leadership's role in business agility
  • Agile case studies and adaptive leadership styles
  • Developing yourself as a leader
  • Building an Agile culture in your organization
  • Leading change in complex systems
  • Prioritizing backlogs for your team
Is This the Right Course for You-1

Is This the Right Course for You?

The Agile Marketing Leadership Certificate (ICP-LEA) is designed for marketing leaders who:

  • Want to embody Agile values and lead by example as their organization adopts new ways of working
  • Want to develop the capabilities to support their Agile team/s and participate whole-heartedly in their implementation of Agile practices
  • Need to equip themselves to lead a transformation and embed agility across the marketing function
Choose Your Preferred Method of Studying-1

Choose Your Preferred Method of Study

Study by yourself or with other marketing leaders within your organizations. Individuals can join a public cohort of marketing peers, organizations have the opportunity to train their leadership team together in a private cohort.

Contact us to learn more About Private Cohorts
Practice Outweights Theory-1

Practice Outweighs

What sets this program apart is the focus around practical, real-time application of marketing agility. Education is important, but transformation happens during day-to-day work.

Everything in this program (content, tools, coaching, and more) has been thoroughly tested and refined through working with thousands of marketers across dozens of organizations.

"The Agile Marketing Leadership course provided valuable content and context. My new skills will help me take my department's implementation farther, by adding the all-important Agile Mindset to our agile practices."

Janet Altman

Marketing Principal, Kaufman Rossin

"Unlike most certifications, this course had a refreshing interactive element. The leaders in my session were from all walks of life, with varied experiences to share. It made for some eye-opening discussions."

Lucas Kirschman

Senior Manager Agile Program Office, TDAmeritrade

"The Agile Marketing Leadership course is well thought out and looks at creating a well rounded leader, not just someone who understands the Agile mindset (though, that is important too!). "

Paige Brown

Marketing Coordinator, CCLI

Don't Climb Alone.
Bring a Sherpa.

Our Sherpas have worked with more Agile marketers than any other training team in the world. From highly regulated industries like pharma and finance to tricky specialties like in-house creative teams to external marketing agencies, we’ve seen it all.

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