AgileSherpas Guest Post Guidelines

Welcome to our guidelines for guest post submissions. Please give them a quick read through to decide whether your content might be a good fit for our blog. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via the form on this page.

General Information

  • Topics should be approved before writing.
  • Topics must be original, not published elsewhere, and provide value for our readers.
  • Submitted articles should be 1,200-2,500 words in length.
  • Submitted articles will be edited and, if we feel they won’t meet our standards even after editing, may be rejected.
  • We typically publish guest posts within a few weeks of the final text being approved.

Topics We Cover

  • Marketing agility
  • Marketing operations
  • Best practices for modern marketers
  • Trends, reports, and emerging data on marketing
  • Case studies on operational excellence in marketing
  • How-to guides centered around using Agile in a marketing context
  • Thought leadership from cutting-edge marketers
  • Infographics related to marketing trends or best practices

What We Expect

Content for the AgileSherpas blog should be:

  • Clever but not silly
  • Educational but not lecturing
  • Detailed but not complicated
  • Smart but not smug
  • Conversational but not informal
  • Well-researched but not pedantic

Content should follow the Chicago Manual of Style.

Overall, we take our content very seriously and we expect you to do the same. That means articles where some care has been taken, and not just something thrown together. Include meaningful data and examples, cite external sources, and deliver remarkable value to the reader. 

Rules on Links

You are allowed one relevant link back to your site within the article content.

How to Submit a Proposal

  • Please include a user story and 2-3 potential titles
  • Provide an outline with the general points you plan to make
  • Share any questions you may have
  • Send your proposal via the contact form on this page 

* AgileSherpas will provide images for the article that meet our brand guidelines.