Our Mission: To evolve the way that marketers work.

The Journey

Ah, marketing.

When it’s good, it’s singing, dancing, kittens, and rainbows good.

And when it’s bad, it’s mind-numbingly, soul-crushingly bad.

We started AgileSherpas because we discovered that Agile marketing is a way to help marketing teams spend more time dancing with kittens and less time regretting our career choices.

Agile teams do better work in less time with less stress. What’s not to love?

Change. Change is what most of us don’t love.

Agile marketing represents a huge change in how marketers have historically managed their work, and we get it — change is hard. Through education, training, and coaching, AgileSherpas is here to make this one easier. We strive to be Sherpas in the true sense of the word, guiding you along the path towards greater agility while always on the lookout for new and better routes.

If you’re ready to start on this amazing journey, we’d be honored to join you. Everyone’s path is different, so we have online courses, in-person workshops, customized trainings, and long-term coaching available to get you moving in the right direction, and helping you reach your desired destination.

Take that first step (and those to follow) with an AgileSherpa at your side, and we’ll see you at the summit.

Our Team

Andrea Fryrear AgileSherpa trainerAndrea Fryrear, President and Lead Trainer

An early convert to the ways of Agile marketing, Andrea loves nothing more than seeing a team evolve from a chaos to high performance. In addition to being trained as a Scrum Master and Product Owner, Andrea is a Certified Professional in Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC) and a Certified Agile Leader (CAL-1). She shares her findings (and failures) regularly from stages around the world as an international speaker on all things Agile marketing.

Andrea is a content marketer by trade and functions best when she’s writing regularly. Her most recent book, Death of a Marketer, chronicles marketing’s troubled past and charts a course to a more agile future for the profession. And, of course, you can find her articles on the AgileSherpas blog.

When she’s not on a plane or at a keyboard, Andrea spends as much time as possible outdoors in her Colorado home training for triathlons and playing volleyball.


Peter Martin AgileSherpas VPPeter Martin, Vice President, Operations

A career marketer, Peter began in agency account management and has been a marketing leader for both SMBs and Fortune 50s since the early aughts. After years of managing programs ranging from content marketing to lead generation and account-based marketing, Peter was struck with the notion that there had to be a better way of approaching his and his team’s work while maintaining everyone’s sanity. Enter Agile marketing.

At AgileSherpas, Peter is responsible for marketing and business operations, mostly working to ensure that our courses, workshops, coaching services, and partnerships best serve the needs of our customers and fellow marketers.

Outside of architecting MarTech stacks or managing lead-to-revenue programs, Peter most enjoys escaping the Atlanta sprawl with his young family, often to the Smoky Mountains area of Western North Carolina or under the Spanish Moss on Alabama’s Gulf Coast.