2nd Annual State of Agile Marketing Report

Welcome to the Second Annual State of Agile Marketing Report.

In 2019 we're not only seeing higher Agile adoption, we also find more marketers are enjoying the key benefits of agility.

Learn how, why, and when marketers are going Agile in this joint report from AgileSherpas and CoSchedule. Based on a survey of 400+ marketers.

The 2nd Annual State of Agile Marketing Report is Here

This year, we collected responses from 400+ marketers, most of whom hail from North America. They showed us that not only is Agile adoption accelerating (Agile marketers outnumbered all other groups this year!), more Agile marketers report enjoying productivity, efficiency, and visibility than ever before.

Here are some highlights from what 400+ of your marketing peers said:


54 % of Agile marketing teams report using a hybrid framework to implement Agile marketing.

Team Empowerment in Agile Reality or Wishful Thinking [1920x1080]

Agile marketing teams report far higher levels of satisfaction and morale than their colleagues.

My Agile Marketing Manifesto [1920x1080]

The need to improve productivity is the most widely reported driver for agility at 56%.

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