What is Agile Marketing?

Agile Marketing is a Unique Discipline

Evolving Agile frameworks from their traditional home in software development requires a special combination of adaptability and rigor. AgileSherpas has developed a completely custom framework to navigate this tricky path.

About Agile Marketing - Follow the rules, bend the rules, rewrite the rules

Follow the rules, bend the rules, rewrite the rules

The Japanese concept of Shu Ha Ri tells us mastery comes when we first follow the rules, then flow within their boundaries, and finally break them altogether. The marketing-specific Rimarketing framework rewrites the rules of typical agility based on AgileSherpas’ work with thousands of marketers at dozens of leading organizations around the world.

About Agile Marketing Agility changes the entire org chart

Agility changes the entire org chart

While agility at the execution team level brings the faster speed to market and better ROI on marketing activities, leadership agility is a key component for ensuring strategic alignment. Our training approach includes workshops designed specifically for marketing leadership, so we can be sure we’re optimizing the execution of the right work. 

Agile marketing approach - implementation charttt

Marketing is not software development

Our State of Agile Marketing Report consistently shows that marketers use a hybrid approach to implement Agile ways of working. Software development, on the other hand, relies mostly on Scrum. This is just one of many pieces of the Agile marketing puzzle that need tailoring to make lasting marketing agility possible, and that’s where we shine.

Let’s Transform Marketing Together

We’re marketers. We get it. It’s tough to be the bridge between the organization and the customer. Everybody wants something, and there’s never enough time to do it all. It’s easy to get stuck on the hamster wheel and never make headway on the really important and exciting work. Our mission at AgileSherpas is to change all of that. We’re here as your partners on the whole Agile marketing journey, because we’ve been where you are.

Don't Climb Alone.
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We can tailor your ascent to meet you where you are and take you to the peak of marketing agility. Chat with a Sherpa to customize your climb.

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