Alaina Jones

Agile Trainer & Coach
“Agile marketing maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of a marketing team by increasing communication and involving the skills, strength, focus, and buy-in of each member. If correctly implemented, Agile marketing can be the catalyst in converting an ineffective group into a high-performing team.”

Alaina is passionate about helping marketing teams and organizations better connect with their internal and external stakeholders by becoming more effective and efficient. Using many Agile marketing principles, she has helped dozens of organizations streamline their communication, reduce inefficiencies, increase productivity, and significantly elevate the success of their marketing projects.

Alaina is a marketing & communications executive with nearly 12 years of experience managing teams and creating successful communications strategies for B2B, B2C, and D2C brands. She has worked across many industries, including retail, oil & gas, national nonprofits, universities, city governments, and NBA and WNBA teams.

Alaina received a bachelor’s degree in Journalism & Broadcasting with a double-major in Public Relations and News Editorial from Oklahoma State University, and a master’s degree in Communications & Leadership with an emphasis in Digital Media Strategies from Gonzaga University.

When Alaina takes a break from attempting to solve the world’s communication problems, she enjoys traveling, eating great food, and spending time with friends and family. As a natural communicator, she loves writing, podcasting, and hosting her radio show, and volunteering as a marketing mentor for burgeoning marketers and startups.

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