Amanda Hembree

Agile Trainer & Coach
"Transformation can be hard. And if it were easy, it’s likely not making an impactful change. Fortunately, the Agile framework can help marketing teams adjust mindsets and provide tools to find success. And I’m happy to help be your guide to get there."

Amanda Hembree has two decades of marketing experience, all within the advertising agency space at Signal Theory. She has worked with marketing teams in a variety of industries, from financial services to retail, human pharma to animal health. She discovered Agile while leading transformation efforts, searching for new ways of creating and scaling solutions more effectively. AgileSherpas quickly became a solid resource for learning.

As an Agile trainer and coach, Amanda brings her positive energy into the virtual classroom to engage participants and combat "Zoom fatigue." She involves participants to bring an understanding of Agile exercises within the team and to apply towards real-world marketing applications.

Amanda studied Journalism and Business Communications at the University of Kansas. She has a history of encouraging others. While in school, she cheered on teams as “Baby Jay,” the KU mascot. She coached many seasons of soccer with her kids. And in 2019, she gained a true understanding and perspective of being a literal Sherpa while climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with her husband and other climbers. When she’s not training teams, you’ll find her riding bikes with her boys, discovering great Netflix shows or podcasts to sink into, or walking her rescue pup, Peanut.

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