Elizabeth Venter

Agile Transformation Lead
“Agile is a people-first way of working that allows everyone to bring their best selves to the team. It’s empowering to see how teams grow together when they know they are delivering value to the customer in the shortest sustainable lead time.”

As a passionate agilist, Elizabeth guides organizations and teams in adopting agility to support the delivery of measurable business outcomes. As a marketer and strategist by trade, with global work experience on both the agency and client sides, Elizabeth understands the full marketing environment and the constant demands being placed on all levels of the marketing organization.

During her time as the Global Digital Marketing Manager for Ford Motor Company, Elizabeth and team took a more Agile approach to designing and delivering a Global User Experience for 132 countries in only nine months. This experience taught her the value of taking a prioritized, iterative approach allowing for experimentation, testing, and fast feedback from markets and customers.

2017 was a key turning point in Elizabeth's Agile journey. While leading an enterprise-wide Lean-Agile implementation at Mercedes-Benz South Africa, she decided to certify as a Scaled Agile Program Consultant (SPC) in 2018. Elizabeth is an energized and engaging trainer, coach, and guide, with several successful Agile implementations under her belt. She exhibits a spirit of constant learning and holds ICAgile's Certified Professional in Business Agility designation, along with an Enterprise Business Agility Strategist qualification through Agility Health.

For Elizabeth, AgileSherpas brings together her love of Agile + Marketing. When not engrossed in all things Agile, Elizabeth and her financé enjoy travel, photography, gardening, and home improvement. She also maintains a very active Instagram page for her agile cat, Lilly.

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