Lisa Rocchetti

Agile Trainer & Coach
"To me, Agile marketing is about continually seeking new ways to deliver value to our customers in small, meaningful pops that fuel continuous learning and improvement."

Lisa Rocchetti is passionate about helping teams and individuals thrive. She believes the most meaningful organizational change happens from within each individual, and that cultivating a mindset of continuous learning is the key to unlocking a truly Agile culture. She does that by inspiring hearts and minds to embrace new ways of working. Lisa is known for bringing loads of enthusiasm to every training session and a keen ability to successfully guide teams through complex situations in coaching engagements. 

Having started her career in the early days of digital marketing, Lisa has had the privilege of leading teams through enormous change and uncertainty. As a leader, she learned the value of aligning people to clear goals and empowering teams to achieve them. Finding much success with frameworks such as OKRs, lean experimentation, and data-driven decision making, Lisa was introduced to the world of business agility; she hasn't looked back since.

Today, Lisa has helped some of the world's largest companies, including Walmart, Google, American Express, AT&T, and USAA, accelerate Agile and digital transformations by designing and facilitating dynamic, high-ROI learning programs. She specializes in instilling an Agile mindset across business units, sparking a culture of experimentation, and enhancing customer-centric practices.

To scale her impact, Lisa mentors the next generation of female leaders through Built By Girls, a professional mentorship program dedicated to helping women step into careers powered by technology. She is also a former board member of AIGA, Los Angeles.

When not studying agile concepts or helping marketing teams optimize their ways of working, you're likely to find Lisa doing a round of burpees or whipping up something delicious for her husband and two jealous cats in her Los Angeles kitchen.

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