Monica Georgieff

Agile Trainer & Coach
"Being a Sherpa means working tirelessly at the intersection of marketing and agility. We are dedicated to guiding marketers away from chaotic processes that hold us back and towards greater marketing effectiveness and efficiency."

As an Agile Trainer and Coach at AgileSherpas, Monica is responsible for leading Agile Marketing Fundamentals certification courses, both in-person and virtually. Monica also works with Fortune 500 enterprises to provide support to their marketing teams throughout the initial stages of their Agile transformation.

As former head of marketing for Kanbanize, a Lean and Agile project management tool, Monica began her career evangelizing the Agile mindset to marketers around the world, while also leading an Agile marketing team of her own. Her ongoing work is dedicated to making marketing teams flexible to change, unified in their goals, and successful in adopting a value-driven approach that brings measurable results.

Monica has contributed to several marketing industry resources, including Marketing Profs, Chief MarTech, Marketing Insider Group, CXL, Scrum Alliance, and Business to Community.

Monica holds a degree in Literature and Media from the University of Toronto, and an MSc from the University College London School of Management. She also holds the Certified Professional: Agility in Marketing (ICP-MKG) certification and is an Authorized Instructor with the International Consortium of Agile.

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