Peter Martin

Co-Founder and Advisory
"Whether driving customer experience or predicting purchase intent, today’s marketers require a different operating system. Faced with accelerated pace of change, we must navigate complexity and embrace adaptability. Enter Agile marketing.”

Peter Martin is one of the original co-founders of AgileSherpas, and served as its Head of Operations and then Chief Operating Officer over a period of six years. He now uses his deep experience in the marketing and marketing operations fields to support the business in an advisory role.

Prior to founding AgileSherpas, Peter spent over two decades in marketing. Beginning with agency account management, he quickly shifted to marketing leadership roles for both SMBs and Fortune 50s, with a focus in health information technology.

Peter holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics/Mathematics from Hampden-Sydney College, and a Master’s degree in Marketing from the Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University.

When not at his keyboard, Peter enjoys reconnecting with nature, especially in the woods or on the water, with his better half and their two- and four-legged children.

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