3rd Annual State of Agile Marketing Report

Welcome to the Third Annual State of Agile Marketing Report, a major inflection point as more marketers than ever report using Agile ways of working. 

In 2020 we're not only seeing higher Agile adoption, we also find more marketers are enjoying the key benefits of agility.

Learn how, why, and when marketers are going Agile in this joint report from AgileSherpas and Aprimo. 

The State of Agile Marketing Report 2020 is here.

This year, we collected responses from 637 marketers, most of whom hail from North America. They showed us that not only is Agile adoption accelerating (Agile marketers outnumbered all other groups this year!), more Agile marketers report enjoying productivity, efficiency, and visibility than ever before. 

Here are some highlights from what 600+ of your marketing peers said:

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41% of marketers are using Agile. The rest will follow.

Marketers’ interest in Agile is stronger than ever. 41% of marketers report currently using Agile and, of non-users, 42% plan to adopt it. Of these, the vast majority would like to do so in the next year. 

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Agile marketers are happier than traditional or ad hoc marketers.

Agile marketers are more likely than other groups to be satisfied with how their team is working and the results they can achieve. 74% of Agile marketers are satisfied, compared with just 58% of traditional marketers and 34% of ad hoc marketers.

“In 2020, marketers are more likely to turn to Agile ways of working to help with changing priorities, improving team morale, better managing distributed teams, and enhancing predictability of campaigns.” 

Andrea Fryrear

AgileSherpas Co-founder

Key Takeaways Indicate the Growing Maturity of Agile Inside Marketing

  • Hybrid frameworks are still the most common ways for marketers to embrace agility

  • Two-thirds of Agile marketing teams have been practicing for at least 3 years

  • In-person and online training remains critical in successful Agile adoption

Climb towards the next peak of marketing agility.

Discover all the insights from the 2020 State of Agile Marketing report and learn how to continue your climb towards ultimate agility and high performance with your marketing team. 

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