7th Annual State of Agile Marketing Report: Premiere Webinar

Get a guided tour through the 7th Annual State of Agile Marketing Report, with expert insight courtesy of AgileSherpas, the Agile Marketing Alliance, and Tenon.

Learn what successful Agile marketing teams are doing differently than their traditional counterparts and why they're achieving better results in 2024.

Explore the barriers in the way of full-fledged marketing agility this year and get expert advice on how to overcome them.

Get the recording of the 7th Annual State of Agile Marketing Report's premiere webinar for a curated walkthrough of the most important stats related to effective marketing operations in 2024 including:

The key reasons for adopting Agile marketing in 2024
The most popular Agile practices in marketing operations this year
The biggest difficulties in achieving marketing agility in 2024

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