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If you’re:

  • A marketer who believes in the power of agility to transform our profession
  • Excited about helping other marketers improve the way they work
  • Eager to wrestle with the unique challenges of enterprise transformations

We’d love to talk to you.


AgileSherpas is always looking for marketers to join our team of coaches and trainers as we transform the way our profession gets things done. While you’ll be acting as a coach, trainer, and facilitator, we’re prepared to help you grow those skills. What we’re looking for is a marketer -- someone who has hands-on experience with modern marketing activities -- and wants to help other marketers improve their working lives.

What Do AgileSherpas Do?

No two client engagements are exactly alike, but typical activities include:

  • Deliver AgileSherpas courses, primarily our Agile Marketing Fundamentals workshop, which includes 12 hours of live instruction along with homework assignments.
  • Coach brand new Agile marketing teams as they adopt Agile ways of working. Right now this is done via virtual video sessions only.
  • Share Agile best practices with teams and leaders to create strong Agile environments over the short and long terms.
  • Work closely with AgileSherpas leadership to implement transformation plans across large enterprise Agile marketing departments.
  • Help Agile marketing teams track and report on their progress using both process metrics (throughput, velocity, etc.) and marketing success metrics (marketing qualified leads, conversion rate, etc.).
  • Offer insight into how traditional Agile frameworks and practices can be adapted to suit marketing work.
  • Lead retrospectives for teams and departments as they reflect on their transformation efforts.
  • Facilitate big room planning sessions, kanban board design, sprint planning, and other Agile activities with clients.
  • Provide AgileSherpas leadership with regular reports on transformations.
  • Contribute to AgileSherpas’ thought leadership efforts by regularly creating content on Agile marketing. 

Characteristics of a Successful AgileSherpa

If you have an aptitude for teaching and mentoring others, we can help you develop that capability with formal training.

What we can’t teach is actual marketing experience. That’s the most important part of being a successful AgileSherpa: we get marketing work, because we’ve done marketing work.

Master Communicators

Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. You’ll need to be the link between our senior trainers, who design Agile marketing transformations, and the teams undergoing them. This means being able to communicate clearly, frequently, and proactively in both directions. 


Welcoming change and adapting easily

You should enjoy new situations, as the field of Agile marketing is emerging in real time. There won’t be any copy-paste coaching; every organization and every team will require you to think differently about agility.

An Openness to New Ideas and Learning

Be prepared to learn. Even long-time coaches will find new challenges in implementing Agile frameworks in this new context. Be open to new ideas and willing to learn from both the teams you’re coaching and our senior leadership. 

Drawing on the Right Approach to Help

Know how to adopt the right stance for the right situation. There will be times for teaching, mentoring, facilitating, and coaching. A successful coach can draw on the right approach for what the team needs.  
Marketing Experience
Excellent Communication Skills
Enjoys New Situations
Always Prepared to Learn
Knows When to Adopt the Right Stance

Why Coach With AgileSherpas 

Agile marketing is one of the cutting edge frontiers of business agility, and AgileSherpas are leading the way in the field. We’ve developed a proprietary Agile marketing framework and transformation path to guide our fellow marketers, and you’ll help implement and improve these systems. 

We’re committed to supporting our AgileSherpas as they work in a fast-paced, emergent field, so you can expect from our senior leadership:

  • Ongoing professional development, including formal training in coaching, facilitation, and other areas you’d like to work on. 
  • Supporting documentation for all stages of your work with Agile teams, which you can follow and/or customize to suit your personal style. 
  • The opportunity to work with amazing organizations, from Fortune 50 to scrappy startups. 

AgileSherpas trainers report directly to our co-founder Andrea Fryrear. Most Sherpas are contract employees; a few transition to full-time employment over time. 

This is a unique opportunity for Agile coaches to get in on the ground floor of a new phase of Agile adoption. We’re excited to hear how you can support the Agile marketing revolution with us!

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"We believe diverse teams create the best outcomes. We strive to create an environment where everyone has an opportunity to be successful regardless of their race, color, religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, military or veteran status, sexual orientation or gender identity."

Andrea Fryrear

Agile Trainer & Coach, Co-Founder

Up to the Challenge?

This is a unique opportunity for Agile coaches to get in on the ground floor of a new phase of Agile adoption. We’re excited to hear how you can support the Agile marketing revolution with us!

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