Agile for Non-Technical Teams

Agile ways of working are all the rage, but those of us with non-technical backgrounds can struggle to find the most useful applications in Agile frameworks originally designed for software developers. 

We've curated resources for legal, finance, human resources, sales, procurement and other business teams who want to go Agile. Register for our office hours at the business agility lab, read about the hot topics related to Agile outside development and take our Introduction to Business Agility or Fundamentals of Business Agility (ICP-BAF) courses.

Business Agility Lab

Book time with a sherpa

Every last Wednesday of the month, one of our senior Sherpas will be available for three (3) 30-minute sessions in the Business Agility Lab.

These sessions must be reserved in advance so your Sherpa can have time to prepare. They’ll then come ready to review your materials, provide necessary feedback, collaborate on a virtual board, or whatever else it takes to help you address your most pressing business agility challenges.


Introduction to Business Agility (Course)

We believe business agility is for everyone, and so is this self-paced course. 

Designed specifically for non-technical teams that are ready to begin their journey to the summit of process agility, this class gives you the essential info you need to understand Agile and its applications to all kinds of knowledge work.

Register today to learn the internal and external factors driving all types of organizations toward agility. And, most importantly, connect the most coveted benefits of agility to the needs of your teams and organization.

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Business Agility Fundamentals (Course)

Designed by the world's leading experts in Agile outside of IT, this cutting-edge certification program equips you with the necessary know-how to bring Agile ways of working within reach across your organization.

Made specifically for non-tech departments like marketing, sales, HR, finance and more in mind, this course's successful participants also leave with an ICP-BAF certification from ICAgile.

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