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Certifications (ICP-MKG + ICP-LEA), Accredited by ICAgile.

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Take 50 minutes to start your Agile marketing journey

In this self-paced, online course, our co-founder, Andrea Fryrear, guides you through the basics of Agile marketing, including its origins, common applications, and worst myths. This on-demand course offers a real-life look at the basics of marketing agility.

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Agile Marketing Fundamentals Certification Workshop

Become a Certified Professional in Marketing with Agility (ICP-MKG)

Our virtual, instructor-led workshop, Agile Marketing Fundamentals, gives you the tools you need to start putting Agile practices to work in marketing. Live, online instruction takes place over eight 90-minute sessions. Courses typically run 3-4 times per year, and space in each is limited to 20 participants.

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Agile Marketing Leadership Certification Workshop

Become an Effective Agile Marketing Leader (ICP-LEA)

Join a real-time cohort of international VPs, CMOs, and senior directors looking to develop their leadership capabilities in an Agile environment. Our Agile Marketing Leadership certification workshop helps marketing leaders take their place at the helm of an Agile team by giving them a robust set of tools they can apply to their own teams and environments.

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Not Sure About Your Path?

From introductory training to coaching senior marketing leaders to putting agility into practice within 90 days, you can explore all the options for working with AgileSherpas. Choose wisely by understanding all the paths available to you. 

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Agile marketing means better opportunities

Agile marketers are far more likely to report they’re satisfied with their work, and expertise in marketing agility is becoming increasingly valuable on the job market. For a happier professional life and better job opportunities, Agile marketing needs to be on your resume.

Accelerate your career with Agile marketing

Become the most valuable marketer you can be (and enjoy a less stressful work life) by putting Agile practices to work for you. 

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