Why Choose the Agile Marketing Methodology?

To Bridge Your Marketing Operations Gap

The operations gap has many names: waste, inefficiency, the marketing black hole. They all mean the underlying system is broken.

As audience expectations rise and channels proliferate, marketing must evolve to keep pace. Agile saved software development at the start of the twenty-first century, and it offers a way forward for marketers too -- if we approach it the right way.


Don’t Just Be Fast. Be Agile.

Marketers already respond in near real time to internal requests and external data; fast we can do. What we need is the ability to focus on doing the right work at the right time so we can deliver value early and often, proving the impact of marketing work on the bottom line.

Without focus we’ll remain stuck on the marketing hamster wheel, churning out work but never reaching our goals. CMOs will come and go, with little to show for their tenure. We’ll move fast, but we won’t get anywhere.

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Adapt Agility for Marketing

Most marketers intuitively understand the need for adaptability and speed. But many of us fall victim to a copy-paste mentality and try to replicate Agile ways of working from software. Marketing isn’t like developing software; we need our own version of agility.

When we take the time to build this customized framework, we:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce rework
  • Deliver customer value in weeks, not months
  • Prove the impact of our work
  • Achieve results without bigger budgets

An Agile Framework Built for Marketing

After training thousands of marketers around the world in myriad industries, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. AgileSherpas has distilled these best practices into a bullet-proof Agile marketing framework called Rimarketing©.

Built on customer-centric, self-organizing teams, this Agile system allows marketers to innovate, execute, and prove the value of their work at speed and at scale. The Rimarketing approach is a major leap forward for most marketing organizations, but you don’t have to change everything overnight. AgileSherpas’ Marketing Agility Ascension© provides an 18-month roadmap to take you from zero to Agile via a safe, measurable transformation.

AgileSherpas' Approach to Transformation

Learn more about our unique approach to transforming marketing organizations. Explore the stages of the Marketing Agility Ascension, browse the introduction to our co-founder’s latest book, or check out the latest State of Agile Marketing Report.

From Zero to Agile in 18 Months

AgileSherpas’ 4-stage Ascension

Get insight into the four stages of an Ascension: Gathering Supplies, Building a Base Camp, Initial Climb, and Agile Ascension. Learn how teams and entire marketing organizations progress through the stages, supported by our team of experienced AgileSherpas, directly from a Sherpa.

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Meet the Agile Framework for Marketers

This free chapter introduces Rimarketing

Our co-founder’s latest book, Mastering Marketing Agility, takes you through the principles, people, processes, and practices that make up Rimarketing, and you can get a taste in this free chapter.

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Marketers Are Going Agile ASAP

Our annual report dishes on the data

Based on a survey of more than 600 marketers, our annual State of Agile Marketing Report documents trends in adoption, best practices from active Agile marketing teams, and the benefits marketers can expect from agility (and so much more!)

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