Is Your Marketing a Sprint,
or a Slog?

When marketing organizations get bogged down, they can’t respond to changes in the market. They take too long to deliver valuable messaging. Teams are constantly busy, but rarely productive. Work suffers from a lack of focus, with too many opinions and not enough data.

In any and all of these scenarios, marketing agility can help.

Whether you’re new to Agile or made a start that stalled, AgileSherpas’ Ascension can guide you to the peak of marketing agility.

Agile transformation that fits your size, pace, and challenges

Work with an AgileSherpas partner or senior Agile architect to design a tailored Ascension. Based on the best-in-class 70-20-10 learning model, individuals, teams, and leaders will climb in lock step with this program.

And we won't just deliver costly slide decks without any help making the strategy work in real life. The Ascension model has been battle-tested with dozens of organizations and thousands of learners, so you can ascend with confidence.

Deliver Value Faster, With Less Risk & Happier People with Agile

Learn to define value for your end customer, your internal stakeholders, the business, and the marketing function so you can leverage Agile ways of working to deliver it.

Some examples of value for different marketing functions include: 

  • Content Marketing: better content performance, higher engagement, more impact from less production
  • Demand Generation: more leads and pipeline, faster execution of experiments, clear impact on marketing’s bottom line
  • Marketing Communication: improved brand awareness, increased media mentions, better responsiveness to emerging events
  • Marketing Operations: greater operational efficiency, quicker time-to-value, more value to stakeholders more often
Ascend to Better Value

The average delivery time for a marketing initiative is 8 months.

With customers expecting real-time, personalized messaging, that cadence just doesn’t cut it. Agile allows marketers to get work into market in a matter of weeks, not a matter of months. 

Instead of waiting for a perfect, costly campaign that may not perform as expected, use Agile frameworks to test, learn, and iterate on ideas with real feedback. Customers get value more often, and marketers get real-time performance data (yes, even for big waterfall projects like rebrands and website launches).

Deliver Work Sooner

Marketers are the stewards of the brand, even when they’re moving fast.

After all, Agile marketing doesn’t mean crappy work. When done right, agility allows marketers to deliver high quality work that also checks all the boxes on legal and compliance. 

Agility also reduces the risk of traditional Big Bang marketing work. We’ve all seen the coverage when a major brand launches a huge campaign only to have it blow up in their face. The iterative, customer-centric approach at the heart of Agile makes these setbacks less likely.

Work Faster AND Safer

Stressed out, burned out marketers make mistakes and harm a brand.

But happy marketers lead to happy customers. The new way of marketing means higher job satisfaction, better work-life boundaries, and more meaningful marketing work.

With its focus on empowerment and self-organization, Agile helps create the intrinsic motivation that’s crucial to leading modern knowledge workers.

Keep Your People Happy
Deliver More Value
With Less Risk
And Happier People

When it’s time to get started, our Agile marketing architects will help you deliver the blueprint for your ascension to agility. Each tailored path includes:


Stakeholder Interviews

Get qualitative input straight from the source via interviews with marketing leaders, as well as internal and external customers. Your Sherpas will identify trends and trouble spots to inform the overall Ascension plan. 


Marketing Agility Assessment

Identify trends and prioritize your learning journey by tapping into the views of the entire marketing organization. Completely tailored to the marketing function, this assessment tracks sentiment across seven key areas of agility (without ever using the word "Agile"). Results are anonymized, but may be segmented by function, role, title, etc.


Strategic Rollout Plan

After interviews and assessment, we identify the ideal organizational structure, recommend the right Agile leaders, and plan the right mix of training and coaching delivered at the right pace. For those who need to rearrange to reach their full potential, we use our Rimarketing org structure, outlined in our co-founder’s book Mastering Marketing Agility.

Your Path

While many Agile training groups take a huge chunk of people through certification classes and walk away, our Sherpas know that most learning happens on the job, not in a workshop. Getting a shared understanding through synchronous learning is key, but it’s just the start of the journey. Your Sherpa will create a tailored path for you, which follows the best-in-class 70-20-10 learning model...

Learn agility in the real world

Information and exercises in a training environment are great, but nothing beats learning by doing. After formal workshops, marketers can apply everything they’ve learned on the job. Choose between open coaching time for maximum flexibility, or practice agility by solving a real business problem via our 90-Day Jumpstart Program for maximum impact.

Share insights across teams to scale

Every Ascension evolves over time. Embed all the learning your teams accumulate in a dynamic, self-paced, fully-branded learning environment with our Agile Marketing University. Your Sherpa will curate pre-recorded learnings, screenshots from your own tools, and custom documentation to make ongoing development and onboarding a breeze. 

Smaller teams can join our invite-only public version of Agile Marketing University, where they’ll enjoy peer-to-peer learning. No need to reinvent the wheel when you can hear from someone who’s already driving a car.

Certifications designed BY marketers, FOR marketers

Your Sherpa will recommend just the right mix of trainings, including our top-rated Agile Marketing Fundamentals (ICP-MKG) & Leadership (ICP-LEA), to equip everyone in the marketing function. For organizations looking to embed Agile capabilities internally for the long-term climb, we’ll recommend training a handful of change agents and internal champions via our Train-The-Trainer dual certificate bootcamp (ICP-ATF + ICP-ACC).

Your Path
70% On-The-Job Experience
20% Learning From Others
10% Standard Learning

Who You Climb With Matters. Bring a Sherpa.

Connect with an AgileSherpas partner to begin mapping out your journey to the peak of marketing agility.

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