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Using Agile practices is good. Building high-performing Agile teams is infinitely better. But that doesn't mean it's easy. 

Fortunately, with private training and coaching for your entire team, you get shared the experience and mutual understanding necessary for agility to thrive.

AgileSherpas' interactive certification workshops and specialized coaching options offer tailored support that works around your schedule, so your team can go Agile without going crazy.

Agile Team Learning Options

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82% of non-Agile marketing departments plan to implement Agile within the year

In 2023, a year already marked with economic uncertainty, the majority of marketers feel the need for process agility. Per the report: 51% of marketers are using Agile marketing today, and of those that aren't but plan to, 82% intend to implement the framework within the next twelve months!

When asked how the current economic climate impacts their decision to adopt Agile, 51% of respondents said it makes them more likely to adopt.

Apply Learnings With a Coach

Agile Marketing Coaching

Sometimes a journey calls for long-term guidance, and AgileSherpas is here to help. Our extended coaching and consulting options allow you to retain an Agile marketing coach to help you navigate the first 6-18 months of your ascent towards marketing agility.

Need a coach to guide your team towards success?

Our coaches understand both agility and marketing, so you can be sure they’ll get the challenges your teams are facing and be ready with tried-and-true solutions.


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A highly recommended and extremely valuable for marketing and project management techniques. The instructor was outstanding and took every opportunity to make the content real for my unique role. My deepest thanks for this insightful experience.

Woody Noel

Associate Director of Solutions & Industry Marketing, Grant Thornton

Well structured, professional course and I feel confident applying new practices after completing it. Big shout out to Monica who really customized the course to our organization, so we could see from the start what to change, where to improve to be fully Agile. Team exercises and homework after each chapter were all beneficial and helped me understanding each topic better.

Adam Dios

Strategic Marketing Manager Asia-Pacific, Charles River Labs

The course was nicely articulated, the trainer was accommodating and prepared, easy to follow through the lessons and always eager to have us engaged. Not one single lesson was boring despite the use of Zoom, very interactive sessions, and nice group excises that made us learn and bond.

Carlotta Rosa

Marketing Communication Manager, Xylem

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