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Welcome to The Ropes from AgileSherpas! Our online platform provides immersive, scalable learning experiences to equip individuals, teams, and organizations with the skills to put Agile theory into practice.


Learning Experiences

Top-rated workshops, certification programs, and self-paced on-demand courses created by the world's leading experts in Agile marketing and business agility.

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Instructor-Led Courses

Live cohort-based training with leading experts. Our Sherpas' Agile expertise covers just about every topic out there, so you'll get world-class training virtually or in person. Whether you need to design Agile teams, run effective sprints, or lead a full transformation, we've got you covered. 


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Learn Online. Anytime. Anywhere. Prepare yourself and your teams for real-world situations with flexible, “always on,” interactive courses that include videos from experts, scenario-based assignments, and more. 



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Social Learning Communities

You're not alone on your learning journey. Ask questions and get help directly from our experts. Leverage the collective knowledge and experience of peers through our agile education community.

Based on the 70-20-10 Learning Model

Our educational programs were developed to support organizations in achieving lasting agility.  They incorporate the 70-20-10 learning model of formal Agile marketing or business agility training (10%), on-the-job experience (70%), and peer learning (20%) from a growing community of agilists. 




Integrating Learnings in the Workplace Through Experience



Learning & Support from Others to Build Momentum

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Structured Learning to Create a Shared Understanding

Why Learn With AgileSherpas?

In addition to co-authoring the ICAgile curriculum, our Sherpas have worked with over 5,000 business agilists and trained more Agile marketers than any other training team in the world.

We specialize in business agility transformations for non-technical teams (marketing, sales, finance, human resources, legal, compliance, procurement). We've trained across teams of all sizes and industries. We have seen everything from highly regulated industries like pharma and finance to tricky specialties like in-house creative teams and external marketing agencies.

What Our Learners Are Saying

Lucas Kirschman

Lucas Kirschman

Senior Manager Agile Program Office, TDAmeritrade

"Unlike most certifications, this course had a refreshing interactive element. The leaders in my session were from all walks of life, with varied experiences to share. It made for some eye-opening discussions."

Janet Altman

Janet Altman

Marketing Principal, Kaufman Rossin

"The Agile Marketing Leadership course provided valuable content and context. My new skills will help me take my department's implementation farther, by adding the all-important Agile Mindset to our agile practices."

Pedro Cordero

Pedro Cordero

Digital Acquisitions Manager HSBC

"The Agile Fundamentals course by AgileSherpas helped shape and consolidate a number of Agile marketing concepts in practical ways I have already started to translate to my role and organization. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course to both marketing professionals and organisations looking to embark on an agile transformation journey."

Start Building an Agile Learning Culture

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Don't let training & education be a barrier to agility. 

Ensure you and your teams have the knowledge, skills, and resources no matter where you are along your Agile journey. 

The Ropes offers a subscription-based model built for teams and organizations striving to achieve the balance of speed, quality, and strategy that Agile promises that want to accelerate or scale their transformation.

With unlimited access to self-paced online learning courses from world-leading experts and top-rated workshops turned into on-demand learning, The Ropes helps grow team skills, onboard new hires, and build an agile learning culture.