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The 90-Day Jumpstart is an immersive online workshop, designed and led by AgileSherpas, for aspiring marketing agilists and their teams who want to level up to the new way of working.

The best time to go Agile was last year.
The second best time is now.

Does your team struggle with hitting deadlines, prioritizing their work, or proving their value to stakeholders?

Are you confident agility could help you, but you aren’t sure where to start?

Have you experienced the value of marketing agility firsthand and now need to build the case for a larger Agile marketing transformation?

Or, perhaps your team is already on their journey to marketing agility but needs some fine-tuning and professional coaching help?


Why use the 90–Day Jumpstart?

When it comes to leveling-up on marketing agility, there are lots of potential options. You could:

  • Read books 
  • Attend training
  • Simply learn on the job

The issue is that none of these provide continuous reinforcement or direct, in-the-moment application of the knowledge they deliver.


More than a workshop

The key to learning anything is creating space for deliberate practice and establishing external accountability.

Books and training alone fall short, because as soon as you get back to your desk, reality comes knocking. Your new knowledge gets pushed aside as deadlines loom and fires rage.

With the 90-Day Jumpstart, AgileSherpas has created a totally new implementation model for Agile marketing. We’ve combined best-in-class Agile marketing education, online tools, teamwork, practical application, and external accountability to create a powerhouse of agility for marketers.  

During the program, marketing teams first make commitments through their Agile planning process. They’re then held accountable by both their team and their Sherpa to deliver on those commitments as they progress through standups, demos, and retrospectives. 

Our certified Agile marketing coaches, or Sherpas, help facilitate, steer, and reinforce these commitments through real-time feedback and interaction with teams delivered over a regular cadence of coaching sessions.


Why 90 days?

The quarterly rhythm is one that many marketing teams are accustomed to running on, making it an ideal timebox for launching and completing an initiative. It’s also a perfect length for:

  • Mapping and optimizing a marketing process, such as ABM (account-based marketing), demand generation, content marketing, etc.
  • Designing and executing work on a visual board with user stories, backlog refinements, story sizing and estimation 
  • Measuring and iterating on marketing deliverables to meet business goals 

Validated learning over opinions

 The 90-Day Jumpstart also focuses heavily on data-driven decision-making. It provides a process of validating our learning through a build-measure-learn feedback loop, rather than following conventions or deciding what’s best based on the highest paid person’s opinion (aka, HIPPO).

Prior to beginning work, Jumpstart teams will identify key metrics to track their success, document the business outcomes they’re driving toward, and ensure all necessary measurement capabilities are in place.


Practice outweighs theory

What sets this program apart is the focus around practical, real-time application of marketing agility. Education is important, but transformation happens during day-to-day work. 

Everything in this program (content, tools, coaching, and more) has been thoroughly tested and refined through working with thousands of marketers across dozens of organizations.

Jumpstart Availability Is Limited

A new Jumpstart cohort opens every 30 days. Due to the hands-on, intense nature of the program, each cohort is capped at two teams.

Apply for Your 90-Day Jumpstart

Applications are reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis, and if/when needed, a quick alignment call with a Sherpa.

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How is the 90-Day Jumpstart Structured?

Following the application review and selection process, Jumpstart teams are guided through a series of virtual workshops and personalized coaching, while they actively use Agile ways of working to execute their work.

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Featured Image The Complete Guide to Your Marketing Backlog

90-Day Jumpstart in a Nutshell

  • Delivered 100% online so you can attend from anywhere
  • Six interactive workshops delivered by a certified Agile Marketing Coach
  • Bi-weekly coaching for the whole team and/or key leaders
  • Learn-by-doing format
  • Deliver tangible marketing impact, ASAP
  • All workshop materials included
  • Also includes tool optimization and ready-to-go Miro templates for meeting facilitation

What You Achieve in the 90-Day Jumpstart

The 90-Day Jumpstart teaches you how to use Agile ways of working to improve marketing’s impact on the business. Essentially, you get a blueprint for how best-in-class marketing teams operate. 

Your marketing team will:

  • Eliminate waste from their marketing processes
  • Design a visual board for all marketing work to act as the single source of marketing truth
  • Coordinate discovery with delivery to create clarity around the next actions to take
  • Write effective, customer-centric user stories, including sizing and estimation
  • Prioritize your marketing backlog for maximum business impact
  • Set and report on marketing goals
  • Run the Agile Marketing Calendar, including planning, standups, demos, and retrospectives
  • Learn to effectively lead an Agile marketing team (for those in the Agile Lead role)
  • Learn to drive marketing impact using Agile marketing (for those in the Marketing Owner role)

What happens during the 90-Day Jumpstart

Closely guided by their Sherpa, each Jumpstart team proceeds through structured stages of work, which include the following:

  • Creating an Opportunity Canvas to align on the business needs of the work and measure success
  • Value-stream mapping to ensure a clear path to customer-centric value delivery
  • Iteration planning to prioritize deliverables and break down task assignments, accelerating the discovery and delivery cycle
  • Regular check-ins to align on progress, impediments, and opportunities
  • Frequent demos for maximum stakeholder input with minimum disruption
  • Recurring retrospectives to deliver ongoing process improvements within the 90-day timebox

Jumpstarts Are Limited: Only Two Teams Accepted Every 30 Days

A new Jumpstart cohort opens every 30 days, and due to the hands-on, intense nature of the program, we limit each cohort to two teams.

Apply for Your 90-Day Jumpstart

Applications are reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis following application review and, if needed, a quick vetting call with a Sherpa.

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Where did the 90-Day Jumpstart come from, and who’s using it?

The 90-Day Jumpstart was created by the team at AgileSherpas, led by Andrea Fryrear, author of two best-selling marketing books, Death of a Marketer and Mastering Marketing Agility, and the creator of the Marketing Agility Ascension® framework for Agile marketing transformation. 

The program incorporates learning from across hundreds of marketing workshops and thousands of hours of coaching marketing teams, from midsize to enterprise organizations, across technology, manufacturing, banking and financial services, healthcare and life sciences, and more.

The tools, curriculum, and coaching systems used in the program have already been deployed and "battle-tested" across numerous marketing organizations around the world.

Who’s Using It?

90-Day Jumpstart FAQs

Are there any prerequisites for this program?

While there is no prior knowledge of Agile marketing required, this program is optimized for teams that meet the following criteria:

  • Existing marketing teams, either in specific marketing functions (e.g., demand generation, ABM, content creation, etc.) and/or cross-functional marketing teams, structured around a product, solution, or line of business.

  • Team should appoint a Marketing Owner and an Agile Lead. These can be the same person; we can also assist your team with the decision prior to kickoff.

  • Team should have their own project management tool in place. Or, we can set you up on one of our tools (for an additional fee).

  • Team should be able to access Zoom (or another video conference platform) for training sessions as well as Miro boards for facilitated exercises.

  • Team members should dedicate 50% or more of their work hours to the program against delivering new or existing marketing goals.

Why is this program 90 days?

We find 90 days is just the right amount of time to allow a marketing team to gain traction toward their goal, and enough time for running meaningful experiments. Your coach will help you establish your 90-day goal during week 1 and steer you towards that goal during the program.

Why should my team join this program? Can't we get the same learnings from your books and training?

Training and education are vital to long-term marketing success, and we recommend that Jumpstart teams continue their learning journey beyond their 90-day program. However, we’re great believers in somatic learning, or learning-by-doing. This program combines training, coaching, and on-the-job application to provide maximum impact for your time investment. Be sure to read our blog post on how to Maximize the Impact of Agile Training with the 70-20-10 Principle.

How much does this program cost?

The 90-Day Jumpstart costs $39,500 as a stand-alone program. Discounting may be available for multiple teams going through the program (Team of Teams) and for organization-wide implementation. Feel free to contact us for a custom quote.

Is this a remote or onsite coaching program?

The coaching program is run 100% remotely, and we have coaches in (almost) every timezone/region, which means your team can attend from anywhere at a time that's convenient for them.

How much time will I be required to dedicate to this program?

We require allocating a minimum of 50% of the Jumpstart team’s work hours for the duration of the program (e.g., 20 hours per week, or more).

I still have questions!

Simply drop us a note. We'll circle back ASAP.

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Are there any prerequisites for this program?
Why is this program 90 days?
Why should my team join this program?
How much does this program cost?
Is this a remote or onsite coaching program?
How much time will I be required to dedicate to this program?
I still have questions!

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