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The 90-Day Jumpstart is an immersive online experience, designed and led by AgileSherpas, for aspiring marketing agilists and new teams who want to kick start their Agile journey post-training through application. 

The best time to go Agile was last year.
The second best time is now.

Does your team struggle with hitting deadlines, prioritizing their work, or proving their value to stakeholders?

Are you confident agility could help you, but you aren’t sure where to start?

Have you experienced the value of marketing agility firsthand and now need to build the case for a larger Agile marketing transformation?

Or, perhaps your team is already on their journey to marketing agility but needs some fine-tuning and professional coaching help?

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More Than a Workshop

The 90-Day Jumpstart was created by the team at AgileSherpas, led by Andrea Fryrear, author of two best-selling marketing books, Death of a Marketerand Mastering Marketing Agility, and the creator of the Marketing Agility Ascension® framework for Agile marketing transformation. 

The program incorporates learning from across hundreds of marketing workshops and thousands of hours of coaching marketing teams, from midsize to enterprise organizations, across technology, manufacturing, banking and financial services, healthcare and life sciences, and more.

The tools, curriculum, and coaching systems used in the program have already been deployed and "battle-tested" across numerous marketing organizations around the world.

During the 90 Day Jumpstart Program

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Workshop Series to Kick Start

Workshops take place to set up the team’s Agile process and model key implementation concepts

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Reoccurring Agile Team Routines

Facilitation and guidance of the Agile team’s events to support their improvement and sustainability

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1-1 & Team Coaching

Targeted coaching providing structure and guidance to Marketing Owners and Agile Leads for sustained success


During the program, our certified Agile marketing coaches help facilitate, steer, and reinforce these commitments through real-time feedback and interaction with teams delivered over a regular cadence of coaching sessions.

Closely guided by their Sherpa, each Jumpstart team proceeds through structured stages of work, which include the following:

  • Team building and clarifying business outcomes to align on the business needs of the work and measure success
  • Value proposition mapping to ensure a clear path to customer-centric value delivery
  • Iteration planning to prioritize deliverables and break down task assignments, accelerating the discovery and delivery cycle
  • Regular check-ins to align on progress, impediments, and opportunities
  • Frequent demos for maximum stakeholder input with minimum disruption
  • Recurring retrospectives to deliver ongoing process improvements within the 90-day timebox
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Who Is Using
the 90 Day Jumpstart?

Are there any prerequisites for this program?

While there is no prior knowledge of business agility required, this program is optimized for teams that meet the following criteria:

  • Teams of up to 10 people, either in specific functions (e.g., demand generation, ABM, content creation, etc.) and/or cross-functional teams, structured around a product, solution, or line of business

  • Team should appoint a Marketing Owner and an Agile Lead (can be one and the same individual); we can also assist your team with the decision prior to kickoff

  • Team should have their own project management tool in place; or, we can set you up on one of our tools (for an additional fee)

  • Team should be able to access Zoom (or similar video conference platform) for training sessions, as well as Miro boards for facilitated exercises

  • Team members should be ready to bring 50% or more of their workload into the Agile team workflow

Why is this program 90 days?

We find 90 days is just the right amount of time to allow a marketing team to gain traction toward their goal, and enough time for running meaningful experiments. Your coach will help you establish your 90-day goal during week 1 and steer you towards that goal during the program.

Why should my team join this program? Can't we get the same learnings from your books and training?

Training and education are vital to long-term marketing success, and we recommend that Jumpstart teams continue their learning journey beyond their 90-day program. However, we’re great believers in somatic learning, or learning-by-doing. This program combines training, coaching, and on-the-job application to provide maximum impact for your time investment. Be sure to read our blog post on how to...

Maximize the Impact of Agile Training with the 70-20-10 Principle.

How much does this program cost?

The cost of a 90-Day Jumpstart depends on your team size and the total number of teams who will be participating in the program. Discounting is available for multiple teams completing the program at the same time, and for organization-wide implementation. Feel free to contact us for a custom quote.

Is this a remote or onsite coaching program?

The coaching program is run 100% remotely, and we have coaches in (almost) every timezone/region, which means your team can attend from anywhere at a time that's convenient for them.

How much time will I be required to dedicate to this program?

We require allocating a minimum of 50% of the Jumpstart team’s work hours for the duration of the program (e.g., 20 hours per week, or more).

Are there any prerequisites for this program?
Why is this program 90 days?
Why should my team join this program?
How much does this program cost?
Is this a remote or onsite coaching program?
How much time will I be required to dedicate to this program?

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