My Agile Marketing Manifesto

This is the first post I've ever written for my own Agile marketing blog. So I feel like it should be somewhat revolutionary.

Maybe it is. Maybe it will be. But I'm not sure it should be.

Maybe it's revolutionary to say that we, as marketers and as consumers, deserve better. That we can DO better.

Maybe it's unsettling to say that marketers deserve the opportunity to do amazing work, with amazing people, and then to go home at the end of the work day to do whatever the heck they want.

Maybe it's shocking to propose that consumers deserve to encounter marketing that is not patently offensive because it was created by overworked, undervalued people who are simply stretched too thin to wonder if their blog post or email or tweet was scintillating or schlock.

Really, folks. We deserve better than those things. And we can do better.

If you've ever been chained to a desk grinding through analytics reports for days on end, this may sound like chain-breaking, flag-waving, demonstrate-in-the-streets stuff.

But agile marketing is not actually a revolutionary idea, when you really think about it.

That's kind of what I find myself doing all the time these days: thinking about agile marketing.

How it could be the solution to marketers' overwork and overwhelm.


How it could help finally bridge the gap between what people WANT to see and what we as marketers are able to produce.

How we could create a tribe of marketers who are tired of the status quo and who want to operate in a system that lets them be their fabulous professional selves.

So, that's why I'm here.

That's, I hope, why you're here too.

Agile marketing has a lot of minutiae in it. And (nearly) all of them are important. We'll be spending a lot of time and words on those minutiae here on this site too, because they can help us be and do better.

But at its core, this site is about — and for — the agile marketer.

It's a place for cutting edge marketers to be ourselves, and to find a way to better versions of those selves.

Agility is a way of doing business, but it's also a way of approaching just about everything in the world. This is a place for the agile frame of mind. For those who are willing to critically examine the process, while respecting the people in it.

If you want to see where this whole agile thing could take us as a profession, and, more importantly, you as an amazing marketer, I can't wait to meet you. There's a form on this page that will put you on the email list so you'll know about all the crazy stuff we're about to get up to.

Fill it out if you'd like. You can also reach me directly via email at

Let's take the first step, and then let’s make sure the second will be even better.



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