When To Use Kanban


Is right to use Kanban for your marketing team? If you're new to Agile Marketing, and/or unfamiliar with the Kanban methodology it can be hard to know.

Fortunately, we've put together this handy quiz to help you decide. In just 10 short questions you can find out if Scrum or Kanban is a better fit for your team based on agile maturity, shifting priorities, and willingness to change process.

For more on Kanban, check out our Kanban Guide.

You can see the survey here, or take it directly below.

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When Should Kanban be Used?

It can be difficult to know when Kanban is right for your team.This quiz should help marketers decide whether Scrum or Kanban is the best place to start their agile journey. (Thanks to Agile Velocity for the questions that served as the basis for this quiz.)

1. Do the priorities of your marketing team change from week to week?  *This question is required.

2. Are you confident that you know at least 80% of what your team will be working on in the next two weeks?  *This question is required.

3. Is it difficult for your team to break projects down into small pieces that can be delivered incrementally?  *This question is required.

4. Which statement best describes your team's attitude toward estimating the size of projects they're working on?  *This question is required.

5. Has your team been using some sort of structured Agile approach for more than 6 months?  *This question is required.

6. What level of marketing expertise does your team possess as a whole?  *This question is required.

7. Would you like your marketing team to be more responsive to customer/audience needs? *This question is required.

8. Does your team need more predictability and productivity so it can complete large projects? *This question is required.

9. How excited is your team about large-scale process change? *This question is required.

10. How structured is your organizational culture?  *This question is required.




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