Tales from the Trenches: Agile Marketing Estimation

In this installment of Agile Marketing Tales From the Trenches, Anthony Coppedge and Dechay Watts return to walk us through exactly how their teams handle estimating task sizes.

Dechay's team is a content marketing agency, so accurately measuring work has a direct impact on their bottom line (and their clients' satisfaction). She's found standard sizing to be a life saver when it comes to budgeting, and it also simplifies the discussion if a client wants to change the work they'd planned for the next iteration.


Through careful measurement and accurate estimation, Anthony and his team can determine exactly how much of their time is spent on their planned iteration, what percentage of time gets pulled out for unplanned "spikes," and therefore how much time they spend on lead generating activities. It's very cool.

Oh, and in case anyone is thinking about skipping the estimation step, both of these agile marketers strongly advise against it. See the end of the video for their reasons why.


Photo credit: Death to the Stock Photo



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