Creating Your Very Own Cross-Functional Agile Marketing Team

More and more marketing teams are coming around to the idea that an agile approach offers both a competitive advantage and a better day in the life of the average marketer.

The process of moving from traditional approaches to agile iterations, however, can trip up many marketers. We often hear that teams should be “cross functional,” and assume that we can’t start on agile until we have a team of identically skilled marketers who are essentially interchangeable.

Fortunately, this type of cross functional team is not only unnecessary, it can even be detrimental.

I want to offer a few suggestions for those looking to set up an agile marketing team, so you can move on to the fun stuff (like creating your first backlog).

Creating an agile team is essentially a four step process:

  1. Forget the ideal of perfectly cross functional team members. Aim for cross functional teams.
  2. Ask the team what it needs, then make it happen.
  3. Make sure leaders are willing (and able) to help craft a cross functional team.
  4. Map your cross functional team based on reality and existing resources.

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