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A dedicated Sherpa to guide your team towards success

Sometimes a journey calls for long-term guidance, and AgileSherpas is here to help. Our extended coaching and consulting options allow you to retain an Agile Sherpa to help you navigate the first 6-18 months of your ascent towards marketing agility.



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Create internal advocates & facilitators

AgileSherpas can prepare your future Agile leaders for their pivotal role in your organization's successful Agile transformation. 

That way, they will be equipped to teach others about Agile mindset and practices, facilitating the spread of new ways of working throughout adjacent teams and departments. 

Speak with one of our sherpas today to discover what customized options there are to train your future trainers.

Assess the Agile maturity of your team or organization

Your guides from AgileSherpas are experts at assessing the stage of your team and organizational Agile maturity. 

Using this evaluation, members of our team can proactively suggest areas for enhancing your Agile practices. 

By defining how far you've come on your Agile, we can effectively prepare you for your next steps towards true marketing agility.


Ensure your Agile meetings are streamlined and continually improving

A sherpa attends your regular schedule of Agile meetings such as daily stand ups, reviews, retrospectives and/or planning sessions to model the Agile mindset and behaviours. 

Sherpas will facilitate and coach as needed, providing feedback to the team.

Get advice on areas that could benefit from the Agile mindset and practices

Successful Agile organizations rely on their team members and leaders to embody the Agile mindset in everything they do. 

Allow your guide to observe you in your natural habitat and suggest areas in which you can enhance your Agile approach. 

Based on the observations collected, the AgileSherpas team can effectively generate suggestions for process and practice alterations based on emerging struggles.

Train the Trainer Sessions
Formal Evaluation of Your Team or Organization
Facilitation of Agile Ceremonies
Shadowing Teams or Leaders

Our coaches aren’t your usual Agile experts.

They understand both Agility and marketing, so you can be sure they’ll get the challenges your teams are facing and be ready with tried-and-true solutions.

Ongoing Agile coaching is a long-term relationship, so it’s important that we match you with the right person. Our coaches are in high demand, so please contact us to discuss options and availability.

Ready to discuss your unique needs?

Pitch the right guides to ensure your Agile marketing journey starts out right and ends at the peak, not at a dead end.

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