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Online Course: Introduction to Agile Marketing

Marketing exists in a state of constant change. New channels emerge overnight, audiences expect perfectly targeted messaging, there are never quite enough resources to go around, and marketing technology just keeps getting more complex. And yet marketers aren’t evolving to keep up with all this change. We use outdated methods to manage our work (if we have any work management system in place at all). We live with inefficiencies and stress, assuming that’s just the way that marketing is.

Fellow marketers, there’s a better way to work.

In this 80-minute course Andrea Fryrear will introduce you to the next great stage in marketing evolution: Agile marketing.

Online, self-directed learning

Downloadable slides and
audio files

Offered continuously year-round

80 minutes of Agile education

$99 for one year of access

What You'll Learn

  • Why Agile you should be embracing Agile marketing NOW, and how its roots in software development make it the perfect fit for modern marketing.
  • What Agile marketing really is, and, just as importantly, what it isn’t.
  • How Agile marketing benefits everyone in an organization, from the newest digital marketing specialist to executive leadership to the customers we serve.
  • Who should be using Agile marketing, including the marketing functions that are best suited for an Agile marketing trial.
  • How to deal with the challenges of large and small marketing teams, as well as those that rely on agencies and freelancers to complete their work.
  • An introduction to how you apply Agile principles to marketing work using the three most common Agile methodologies: Scrum, Kanban, and Scrumban.
  • Tips for getting started on your Agile adoption that will give your team the best chance for a successful Agile transformation.

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Instructor-Led Workshops


Agile Marketing Fundamentals

2 days

Public, open enrollment
Private, onsite

Key learning objectives:

  • Why marketing needs agility NOW
  • Agile marketing definitions and myths that need debunking
  • Creating a relentless customer focus using Agile practices
  • An Agile approach to planning and execution, including practice with Scrum, Kanban, and Scrumban methodologies
  • Creating a culture of validated learning using lean principles
  • Collaboration, alignment, and creating effective Agile marketing teams
  • Lessons from Agile marketing case studies


Leading Agile Marketing Teams

2-3 days

Public, open enrollment
Private, onsite

Key learning objectives:

  • What is an Agile marketing transformation, and where do you start?
  • Agile marketing at scale, including orienting around value and choosing a methodology
  • Leading Agile marketers using lean and Agile management principles
  • Delivering marketing success through Agility
  • An introduction to Business Agility: delivering a consistent customer experience via organization-wide Agility


Implementing Agile Marketing

2-3 days

Private, onsite

Key learning objectives:

  • Choosing the right Agile marketing methodology
  • Creating Agile marketing teams
  • Structuring for ongoing strategic alignment
  • Building your first Agile marketing backlog
  • Mapping an accurate workflow
  • Embracing and optimizing Agile ceremonies
  • Measuring what matters
  • Yay we’re Agile…now what?

What sets AgileSherpas workshops and coaching services apart?

We practice what we preach. We are Marketers first, Agilists second. We know what it’s like to answer to customers, to sales, to management.

We eat, breathe, and live Agile marketing. Like a true Sherpa, we’re all about studying the route, setting the course, and enabling you and your team to safely reach your destination.

Agile Marketing Coaching and Consultation

Sometimes a journey calls for long-term guidance, and AgileSherpas is here to help. Our extended coaching and consulting options allow you to retain an AgileSherpa to help you navigate the first 6-18 months of your ascent towards marketing agility.

This is a custom engagement that may include:

  • Attendance at ceremonies, modeling Agile mindset and behaviors, facilitating and coaching as needed
  • Train the trainer sessions to create internal advocates/facilitators
  • Shadowing team members and/or leaders and advising on areas for improvement
  • Suggestions for process and practice alterations based on emerging struggles
  • Formal evaluations of team and/or organization’s Agility and suggesting areas for enhancing their practice.

Our coaches aren’t your usual Agile experts. They understand both Agility and marketing, so you can be sure they’ll get the challenges your teams are facing and be ready with tried-and-true solutions.

Ongoing Agile coaching is a long-term relationship, so it’s important that we match you with the right person. Our coaches are in high demand, so please contact us to discuss options and availability.

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