Marketing Agility Intelligence

Stop spinning and start sprinting with this 3-step process optimization program. 

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • "Everybody's busy, but it's not clear if their work is making an impact"
  • "Our stakeholders 'throw stuff over the wall' and expect us to drop everything for them"
  • "There's simply no time to stop and look at data before we rush off to the next project"

If so, you're not alone. Today's marketers often struggle with their processes, or lack thereof, and there's typically "so much work to do" it feels impossible to stop and fix the way we work. 

Our Marketing Agility Intelligence (Marketing AI) program helps you pinpoint your process problems so you can fix them sustainably and systematically. 

Whether you're struggling with your overarching strategy, a lack of customer centricity, missing data and analytics, or another critical gap, we'll not only help identify the root causes, we'll also develop a tailored process improvement plan to address them.

No need to drop everything to work on your process; you can make iterative improvements without sacrificing your current commitments. 

Connect with a Sherpa today to begin doing the right work, in the right way. 

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Assess the Current State of Operations

Assess the current state of eight key factors that impact a marketing organization’s success with an easy-to-administer survey that covers:

  1. Team dynamics
  2. Strategy and goals
  3. Customer centricity
  4. Processes and ways of working
  5. Data and analytics
  6. Mindset and culture
  7. Practices
  8. People

Identify Areas of Focus

Get insights, tailored recommendations, and actionable next steps from our experienced Sherpas.

We're marketers too, so we understand the nuances and intricacies of modern marketing work. No generic cookie-cutter suggestions here; everything is specific to the needs of you and your team. 

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Create a Prioritized Improvement Plan

Through a collaborative session with marketing leaders, your consultant will help to identify and prioritize your most impactful next actions. Where appropriate, we'll recommend specific learning plans to guide your ongoing operational improvement. 

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Assess the Current State of Operations
Identify Areas of Focus
Create a Prioritized Improvement Plan

Don't Climb Alone.
Bring a Sherpa.

Bring the right guides to ensure your Agile marketing journey starts right and ends at the peak, not in a crevasse.

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