Introduction to
Business Agility

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Agile ways of working are all the rage, but teams continue to struggle with low-value delivery, dwindling productivity, and burnout.

This 30-minute self-paced course introduces the factors driving organizations toward business agility and the benefits of its applications to HR, finance, legal, and more. 

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Business Agility: The New Way of Working

As the famous Agile thinker Steve Denning has said, Agile is eating the world. 

It’s vital for anyone who wants to live in that world to understand what business agility means in both theory and practice and how its feeding frenzy is going to affect their professional journey.

This introductory course is designed specifically for non-technical teams ready to begin their journey to the summit of process agility. Learn how to parse this unstoppable evolution, integrate it into your working life, and get ahead of the curve. 

After taking this free course, you’ll be able to:

  • Recognize the internal and external factors driving all types of organizations toward agility
  • Better understanding of Agile and its applications to knowledge work
  • Connect typical benefits of agility to the most pressing needs in your organization
  • Understand what business agility looks like in reality and draw parallels between the successful adoption of other organizations and your own Agile journey

Meet Your Instructors

Andrea Fryrear

Agile Marketing Trainer, CEO and Co-Founder AgileSherpas

Andrea Fryrear is CEO and co-founder of AgileSherpas and oversees training, coaching, and consulting efforts for enterprise Agile marketing transformations. She specializes in organizational design and executive coaching and supports the team of Sherpas in their own coaching and training efforts.

Andrea is one of the co-authors of the ICAgile Marketing Agility curriculum, as well as two books on marketing agility: Mastering Marketing Agility and Death of a Marketer. She holds numerous Agile certifications, including Certified Agile Leader (CAL-1), Certified Professional in Leading with Agility (ICP-LEA), Certified Agile Coach (ICP-ACC), Advanced Product Owner (A-CSPO), Scrum@Scale Practitioner, Certified Professional in Marketing Agility (ICP-MKG), ICAgile Certified Instructor, and Certified Scrum Master (CSM).

Rossy Libby

Head of Training and Delivery

As Head of Training and Delivery for AgileSherpas, Ross is responsible for overseeing all aspects of training and coaching efforts to ensure exceptional experience and results. 

With over a decade of experience driving digital and culture transformation at Fortune 500 companies, Ross has held roles ranging from analyst and consultant to product manager and coach. Ross also holds numerous certifications, including Professional Agile Coach (ICP-ACC) from ICAgile, Scrum@Scale™ Practitioner (CSaSP) from Scrum Alliance, and TrainerTalk from The Bergerac Group.

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Atlassian enables millions of teams to work together with agility with their flagship product, Jira Software. Trusted by more than 100,000 organizations, Jira is the number-one tool used by Agile teams. As Agile ways of working continued to expand outside of software development, so did Jira.

Jira Work Management extends the power of Jira to all teams, offering purpose-built templates and features specifically for business teams like marketing, HR, finance, operations, design, legal, sales, and more to easily collaborate, align, and deliver work all in one place.

Jira Work Management is free for Jira Software Cloud customers, so if you have Jira Software Cloud, try out Jira Work Management today.

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