Stage II: Leading Agile Marketing Teams

 Stage II

Leading Agile Marketing Teams

Leading Agile teams can be a challenging endeavor, but you don’t have to take it on alone.

This interactive 2-day workshop will give you the tools and mindset needed to drive an Agile team to ever greater levels of achievement.

Who should attend this workshop?

  • Marketing managers responsible for functional teams
  • Senior management and marketing directors who oversee multiple marketing teams
  • Marketing executives looking for a better understanding of how to apply Agile across their department(s)

Format: Instructor-led training

Settings: Public workshops for individuals (also delivered privately, onsite for teams)

Duration: 2 days

Schedule: Offered publicly multiple times per year (or year-round, as schedules allow for private, onsite workshops)

What You'll Learn

  • What an Agile marketing transformation really includes
  • How to unlock motivation of the modern marketer
  • When to apply scaling patterns to your existing Agile practices
  • What it means to practice Servant Leadership
  • How to build and prioritize an Agile marketing portfolio in a usable backlog.
  • Where to start implementing Agile marketing
  • How to take your first steps towards greater Business Agility

Become the leader that your Agile marketing teams need with this expert-led workshop.

Facilitated by a professional AgileSherpas instructor and coach.

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“Andrea’s clear and focused approach to quickly assessing and tackling our issues and concerns has helped us improve how we work in agile, and has helped improve our morale and confidence along the way.”

— Nancy Biamonte
Director, Acquisition and Engagement Marketing
Alberta Motor Association