Agile Marketing Roundtable: Real Marketers Share Their Stories

In the first of what I hope will be many amazing agile marketing discussions, in October we gathered together four agile marketing practitioners and asked them to share their stories.

This process was the brain child of Alan Annis, who attended a workshop with me earlier this year. He hoped to jump start his agile education by connecting with other agile marketers, and this roundtable didn't disappoint.

Our first roundtable participants were:

Alan Annis, Marketing Director at SWD Urethane
Anthony Coppedge, Senior Marketing Manager at IntelliMagic
Dechay Watts, Co-Founder of SPROUT Content Inbound Marketing Agency
Steve Wolfe, Agile Marketing Program Manager at CA Technologies

We asked:

  • How long have they been using Agile?
  • What industry are they in?
  • What marketing function does their team provide (content, lead generation, sales support, market research)?
  • How big is their team?
  • What style of Agile do they use?
  • What software (if any) do they use to manage Agile?

They also gave us a quick overview of how they use agile, including roles, time boxes, retrospectives, standups, physical vs. digital boards, and more. If you've been looking for some insight into what other marketers are really doing to use a more agile approach, these folks put it all out on the table. We've already recorded a more in-depth (yet much shorter) chat with Anthony and Dechay in which they talk about estimating on their teams. UPDATE: the video is available!




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