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Agile Marketing Examples & Case Studies

Need some proof of concept or a push in the right direction? Check out our ever-expanding collection of Agile marketing case studies. Featuring examples from diverse industries and team sizes.

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benefits of agile marketing

Benefits of Agile Marketing: 21 Stats You Need to Know

From adaptability to employee satisfaction, there are enormous benefits to using Agile marketing. Here we compile data and reports to make the case for agility, and then show you how to get started.

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kanban agile marketing recap

Is it Time for Scrum to Scram? CMWorld 2017 Recap

In the world of Agile marketing, Scrum can cause more problems than it solves. In this recap of my 2017 presentation at Content Marketing World I share an alternative approach: Agile marketing via Kanban.

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what is agile marketing

What is Agile Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

Simply put, Agile marketing is practically the only way to effectively deal with the growing complexity of modern marketing. Dive deep into how it works with this detailed walk through.

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pragmatic and agile marketing combo

Pragmatic and Agile Marketing

Combining pragmatic marketing with Agile marketing helps ensure that your organization can take full advantage of all the possibilities available in modern marketing. Learn to do the right work, and get it done faster.

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agile marketing agency inside look

The Agile Marketing Agency: An Inside Look

Josh Krakauer, CEO of Sculpt, shares how Agile practices allowed his agency to transform into a high performing, client-delighting machine.

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agile marketing sprint 1 dispatch

Agile Marketing Momentum: A Dispatch from Sprint One

Five years after the Agile Marketing Manifesto was written, Agile leaders, practitioners, and software providers met to discuss the state of the movement and what steps we can take to speed the adoption of Agile practices throughout the world of marketing.

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state of agile survey marketing takeaways

Agile Marketing Takeaways from the 2017 State of Agile Report

Would you like to better manage changing priorities on your marketing team? How about getting increased visibility into the projects marketing is working on? Or maybe you’d love a little productivity […]

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why we need agile content strategy

Agile Marketing’s Deja Vu Moment: Why We Need Agile Content Strategy

When more content starts to lead to less engagement, it’s time for a new kind of content strategy. It’s time for Agile content strategy. Here’s how to get there.

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