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Agile Marketing Examples & Case Studies

Need some proof of concept or a push in the right direction? Check out our ever-expanding collection of Agile marketing case studies. Featuring examples from diverse industries and team sizes.

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story of agile marketing user stories

The Story of Agile Marketing User Stories

Agile marketing user stories are simply a customer-centric way of talking about the work we need to do. Using that definition,user stories seem like one of the tools from Agile […]

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biggest agile marketing challenges

3 of the Biggest Agile Marketing Challenges

We explore the biggest Agile challenges, including the ways that Agile leaders tackle each one. From silos to distributed teams to marketers’ Superman complex, we look at some of Agile’s toughest issues.

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metrics for lean and agile marketeres

Success Metrics for Lean and Agile Marketers

Tracking and reporting on the right metrics help prove that Agile marketing is working. Join our expert contributor as he dives into success metrics that lean and Agile marketers need to master.

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agile marketing data

Agile Marketing is the Answer to Marketers’ Woes: Data on Why

Time for the obvious statement of the day: marketing is a challenging field to work in. Data from Workfront’s Marketers Stress Report paints a picture of harried professionals just trying […]

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agile marketing WIP limits

WIP it Good: The Many Powers of WIP Limits for Agile Marketing

Work in Progress (WIP) limits are curious things. Their core concept is paradoxical if you boil it down to its essence: Get more done in the future by doing less […]

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agile marketing backlog refinement

Keeping Your Agile Marketing Backlog in Check

Confession time: how old is the oldest item in your backlog right now? I hope you’re talking about days or weeks, but if you’re measuring age in months or even […]

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using agile marketing alone

Going Agile On Your Own

Have you ever crossed off the last item on your to-do list, only to realize that you haven’t really accomplished anything? It happens all the time, because to-do lists are […]

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agile marketing kanban goals

Yes We Kanban: 5 Goals of This Scrum Alternative for Agile Marketing

Choosing the right Agile approach can be tricky. But if your marketing goals match any of these five, Kanban may be the right place for you to start.

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