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Agile Marketing Examples & Case Studies

Need some proof of concept or a push in the right direction? Check out our ever-expanding collection of Agile marketing case studies. Featuring examples from diverse industries and team sizes.

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star wars lessons from agile marketing

Agile Marketing Lessons From Star Wars

The force is strong with Agile marketing. Who knew that Star Wars had so much to teach us about being and doing Agile? Some important lessons from a galaxy far far away.

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skeptical look at agile marketing methodologies

A Skeptical Look at Agile Marketing Methodologies

Scrum? Lean? Kanban? We take a critical look at the four most common Agile methodologies, and which ones work best in a marketing context.

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intro to scrumban for agile marketing

An Introduction to Scrumban for Agile Marketing

A thorough introduction to using Scrumban for Agile marketing. This is powerful combination of Scrum iterations and Kanban flow that may be the ideal Agile marketing methodology.

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rise of the agile marketer

The Rise of the Agile Marketer: A Report on the State of Agile Marketing in 2016

A 2016 survey of marketers revealed fascinating insight into Agile marketing adoption levels, benefits of going Agile, and barriers holding us back.

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