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Fighting VUCA with VUCA

It now seems like a monumental understatement to declare that we live in a world marked by VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity).  That is why, to try and support our fellow marketers and the industries they serve in whatever small way we can, we’re doing the follow over the next few weeks…

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Designing Stable Agile Marketing Teams

This article is based on Andrea’s forthcoming book, Mastering Marketing Agility (Berrett-Koehler, June 2020).  “Beyond the company results the team is asked to produce, teams need something to strive for [...] Read the Article

Book Roundup: 8 Must-Reads for Agile Marketers 

A roundup of some of our favorite books that we truly believe an Agile marketer or Agile marketer-to-be would benefit from reading. 

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Agile Marketing Teams Don’t Need a Scrum Master. Here’s What They Need Instead.

Does your Agile marketing team need a Scrum Master to be successful? Or do we actually need Agile coaches to support out marketing teams?

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8 Agile Ways to Double the Speed of Your Review Process 

Simple ways you can start developing a more Agile review process and optimize your marketing team’s overall efficiency and velocity.

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Enterprise Marketing Agility

This article will explore the unique nature of implementing Agile at scale. It will also focus on the core best practices that will form the foundation for the rest of this series on enterprise marketing agility.

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5 Paths That Do NOT Lead to Marketing Agility

Over time, we’ve discovered five paths that are very tempting, either for leadership or for the team, but definitely do not lead to marketing agility in the long term.

Here are the dead end paths to marketing agility we have discovered, along with how to prepare your team and managers to avoid them as you climb towards Agile marketing success.

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A Brief Introduction to Agile Project Management for Marketers

This content was adapted from Andrea Fryrear’s 90 minute MarketingProfs webinar “Agile Project Management for Marketers.”    “There is absolutely no risk or dependency here. This is a straightforward project.” [...] Read the Article

Agile Marketing for Traditional Marketing Channels

Imagine a single day in the life of your customer.  In the highly digital, highly connected world most humans inhabit, much of what you’re imagining includes an electronic device of [...] Read the Article

Agile Marketing Quick Start Guide


Love the idea of Agile marketing but not sure where to begin? Our 3-step, jargon-free Quick Start Guide will have you up and running in no time.